As part of my graduate research work at MIT, I collaborated with a research team in the Van Vliet Laboratory for Material Chemomechanics to improve the efficiency of synthesizing optimal tissue simulants polymer gels. Such tissue simulants, which mechanically behave like biological tissues, are needed to test the effect of ballistics on human tissue in order to devise better protective armor. I devised and validated a computational method for designing polymer gels using finite element analysis and multi-scale material modeling and implemented the model to optimize the material properties of candidate tissue simulant gels.


Engineering Research, Finite Element Analysis, Multiscale Material Modeling


Abaqus, Digimat, MATLAB

Project - Tissue Simulants

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Research Poster - February 2012

Research Poster

Multiscale Material Modeling in Digimat

Representation of multiscale model

Finite Element Analysis in Abaqus

Computational FEM model Steps of loading on the spring–indenter system

Validation of Computational Model against Experimental Data

Comparison of displacement and velocity profiles from experiment and simulations Comparison of parameters from exoeriment and simulation

Optimization of Polymer Material Parameters against Rat Tissues

Storage modulus Loss modulus